a modern day guide to old world glamour

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 Good morning and good New Year, my name is Gabriela and this is my blog!  To break it down simply, or as simply as I possibly could I am a hairstylist for almost a decade now…. I enjoy everything about the world of beauty, especially, the fact that no matter what this industry goes through it will never die. People love to look beautiful or feel beautiful at some point in there life, even if they are dead broke or go through the worst experience of there life.  Truth be told, feeling pretty does wonders.  I have seen this first hand over the years…. and it simply amazes me.  I wanted to create this blog to truly express the understanding I have of the beauty world we live in today and how it consciously and sometimes very unconsciously is directly that of beauty’s past that shines through.  I am fascinated with the glamorous world of yesteryear…. and I am even more fascinated on how we express it in today’s everyday looks.  Please take this ride with me as I explore beauties past, present and future… and allow me to pass on my knowledge and love of glamour.