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the history of your beard, man!

Male pogonotrophy, or the growing of facial hair, has previously been culturally associated with having an abundance of wisdom.  Religious male figures, such as Jesus, felt that it was an obligatory act.  While others just like the way it looks. Political figure, Abe Lincoln donned the whiskers to enhance his appearance, when he received a letter from an 11 year old girl stating he would look better with a beard.  

I have grasped the fact that my profession is, in a sense, coeval with the history of man. It began when man first had the notion that he must try to better his appearance; it will endure so long as the desire exists to beautify oneself. And that, say the prophets, is for as long as this planet continues to be inhabited.

-Charles De Zemler

Once Over Lightly, 1939, a story about a man and his hair

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