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One of the simplest tools of all for styling…. the tail comb, a narrow pointed handle with a comb on top is definitely one of the most important.  Its origin came about in the late 70’s, perfect for big 80’s hair. It is the supporter of one of the most influential hairstyles that still lives on strong today, the back comb, otherwise known as, teasing.  A simple technique that consists of lifting a small section of hair straight up, putting the comb directly in the middle of the section and combing hair straight down towards the scalp. Repeating several times, and being a little aggressive with it definitely enhances the tease.  Spraying with hairspray and putting the hair down and lightly comb back seals the look.  This creates a perfect base for styling.  So, if you want to go up with the look for something elegant or carry over the 2010, natural and full into 2011… it’s all possible.  tease away!  

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